Listen to Justin Bieber’s “Get Me” Song Featuring Kehlani

After celebrating the premiere of his Seasons documentary and revealing the name of his fifth studio album, Justin Bieber had one more surprise in store for us on Monday night: a new song! The 25-year-old singer dropped a new track titled “Get Me” featuring Kehlani, and we can’t help but wonder if his wife, Hailey, is the inspiration behind it.

In the song, Bieber sings about how compatible he and his partner are, singing, “Ooh, you don’t compare, don’t fit in with ’em, do you get me? / Judgin’ by the way you open up, you get me / Ooh, out of this world, hands on, baby, now you see me / Lookin’ at the way we’re blendin’ in, you get me.” Hailey also joked about being the muse of his album in the Seasons docuseries.

“Get Me” is the second single from Bieber’s upcoming Changes album following “Yummy.” The album is set to drop on Valentine’s Day and Bieber will then embark on a five-month nationwide tour shortly after. The release of “Get Me” also comes just days after Bieber’s ex, Selena Gomez, said she endured “emotional abuse” during their relationship, though he has yet to publicly address the claims.

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