Kennedy confirms something big for Indiana Jones 5

Talk began swirling around a potential fifth Indiana Jones film shortly after the release of Crystal Skull; while that flick famously irked fans with some of its more implausible plot elements, it was generally well-received, and finished its theatrical run as the highest-grossing movie in the franchise.

This talk slowly simmered down until 2012, when Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm renewed speculation that the series would be revived. By 2015, it was being reported that the Mouse House was seeking to reboot the series with one of the Hollywood Chrises — Pratt, most likely, or perhaps Pine — taking over the role of Indy. The idea was short-lived, though, as Ford and series director Steven Spielberg decided to get together for one more collab in early 2016.

Since then, the script has been passed between veteran scribe David Koepp (Spider-Man) and Jonathan Kasdan (Solo: A Star Wars Story), with the latest revision apparently completed by Koepp late last year (via Den of Geek). Since Kennedy alluded to said script still not quite being hammered into shape, it looks like that shuffling may continue for a time — but the scribes will have to work fast, as filming is still set to commence this year for a July 2021 release.

It may be taking awhile to come together, but with Ford on board for one last hurrah, we’re hopeful that Indy 5 will be a rousing and fitting conclusion to Dr. Jones’ story. Of course, it won’t be a definitive end; despite Ford’s wishes, Spielberg has made it clear that one way or another, the series will almost certainly continue without him when he’s done.

Of course, we’ll keep both ears to the ground for all the Indy 5 news fit to report, and we’ll keep you informed.

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