Justin Bieber Changes Album Details

Attention, Beliebers: Justin Bieber’s new album is finally here! Back in December — four years after the release of his Purpose album — the 25-year-old singer announced he’d be releasing a new album and docuseries in 2020. His single “Yummy” kicked everything off on Jan. 3, his Seasons YouTube documentary dropped on Jan. 27, and his album, Changes, is scheduled to arrive on Feb. 14. In the introspective trailer, Bieber also confirmed he’d begin a five-month nationwide tour in May. Most recently, he released a new song titled “Get Me” with Kehlani, who will be joining him on tour, along with pal Jaden Smith.

In recent weeks, Bieber has been making the rounds to promote the new album, and he hasn’t been holding anything back. Not only has he spoken about how his wife, Hailey Bieber, has inspired many of the songs on his new album, but he’s also alluded to intimate details of their relationship, postmarriage. Keep on reading to find out everything we know about Bieber’s new album, Changes, and all the clues that got us here.

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