Inspiring Young Black Women to Know in 2020

“To be young, gifted, and Black is where it’s at,” Nina Simone sings in the 1970 ode to her fellow melanated trailblazers. The High Priestess of Soul couldn’t have been more correct: the contributions people of color have made on the world are indeed precious, they are indeed significant, and they are more than worthy of recognition.

This Black History Month, we’re spotlighting some outstanding women of color who are breaking barriers, thriving in their respective fields, and lifting up those around them. While people like Lauren Simmons and Joy Harper are making their marks on the financial sphere, creatives such as designer Pierre Davis, artist Ilana Yacine Harris-Babou, and actress Taylour Paige are representing in the realms of fashion, culture, and entertainment.

As for the health and beauty space, wellness specialist Lauren Ash is among the many Black women making strides to help WOC understand and openly talk about mental health. And in politics, young activists Naomi Wadler and Marley Dias are diligently working to make the world safer and more inclusive for Black girls.

The breadth and depth of Black women’s talents can hardly be summed up in a single gallery, but we hope this feature will inspire women of color everywhere to step into their authority and bask in the glory of their Blackness. Happy Black History Month!

— Additional reporting by Britt Stephens

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