Easter eggs you missed in Star Trek: Picard

When Picard is telling Dahj his theory about her origins, she tells Picard about a hybrid orchid that her father engineered, splicing two genuses and naming “the offspring” after her. Later, Picard mentions to Dr. Jurati that Data always wanted a daughter. Both lines together seem to be a direct reference to “The Offspring,” a season 3 episode of The Next Generation in which Data constructs an android daughter named Lal (meaning “beloved”) from his own design.

In “The Offspring,” Lal evolves quickly, surpassing even Data’s abilities in a short amount of time and revealing that she can feel emotion, but ultimately her experiences wind up overloading her positronic brain. Despite Data’s best efforts, he is unable to save her. Data then downloads Lal’s memories into his own neural net, so that in a way, she can live on through him. “The Offspring” also sees Picard side against the Federation yet again, when a Starfleet Admiral attempts to claim Lal for scientific research, and Picard refuses to let her go. Dahj’s journey in “Remembrance” mirrors Lal’s in many ways — in how she surpassed her creator, how Picard tried to protect her, and ultimately, in how she died after only being truly awake for a brief time.

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