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Choose a good spot Find a comfortable, quiet space, with room for your mat and for you to stretch your arms out and up. Make sure you can see the screen clearly: once you’re used to the postures, you’ll rely on it less. Wear fitted clothes so they don’t hang over your face when your head’s lowered, and no socks.

Pay attention You won’t have a teacher to help with alignment, so watch the instructor carefully; avoid poses that might hurt your neck, or that involve twisting too much. If something feels too complicated, stop. Start with an easier style, such as hatha.

Find a teacher you like Spend time looking for a teacher who resonates with you. You could try 50 classes before deciding on the right person. Choose levels and styles that work for you. You can repeat classes you enjoy as many times as you want.

Stay motivated Try to allocate a regular time for your practice. Subscribe to a channel, so you receive notifications when classes are posted, and participate in an online “challenge” – for a month, say.

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