Why Couples Who Raise a Dog Together Are Happier

Only those who have dogs know what a blessing a pupper’s presence can be in our lives. While some may think that getting a dog is a commitment that is not worth the hassle, science says that nurturing an animal together with your partner can teach you invaluable lessons in life and also strengthen the foundation of your relationship.

We at Bright Side were really excited to find out that not only do dogs make us happier, but they also have a positive effect on other aspects of our lives, and we couldn’t wait to share the rest of the details about this with you.

You’ll learn how to better cope with stress.

Couples that have a dog together, learn how to handle stressful situations in a lighter manner. That’s what one study, done by the University of Buffalo, suggests. Their findings claim that couples who own a dog, respond better to stressful situations than couples that don’t have a dog.

The researchers studied 100 couples, 50 who owned dogs and 50 who didn’t. And the measures of heart rate and blood pressure taken during stressful situations between the couples showed that the blood pressure results of the couples who were dog owners were lower than in couples without dogs.

It’ll improve your parenting skills.

Having a dog as a couple means sharing a joint responsibility with your partner about something very important. Your mutual love and effort toward raising your pupper will teach you the first steps of co-parenting.

From feeding your dog to cleaning up after it, there are various day-to-day tasks that’ll kickstart your parenting instincts and instill the skills of responsibility. Even when you’ve had a pretty rough day, you’ll still make time for walking, feeding, and grooming your pupper. Furthermore, you’ll improve your communication skills, and you’ll also learn how to make compromises for the sake of your puppy.

You’ll become healthier.

Nothing beats a good walk in the park. Studies have shown that new dog owners increased their recreational walks drastically during the first 10-month period that they had their dog, and that affects their health in a very positive way.

And not only is exercising with your dog healthy, but it also helps your relationship with your special someone. Going on jogs or hikes with your pupper and your partner in love is both healthy and fun, and doing healthy activities together improves your quality of life overall.

Sharing the responsibility will make you feel closer.

The truth is, raising a dog will require a lot of sacrifice from both you and your partner, but in return, sharing the responsibilities together will increasingly strengthen your bond.

Furthermore, caring for a dog together with your loved one will show you exactly how much responsibility your partner can handle. All the extra chores that come along with having a dog together will show both your and your partner’s character. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Are you and your partner dog people? Do you have a dog together? If not, have you considered getting one? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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