15 Illustrations About Parenting That Show What It Means to Have a Kid

Pandas and tigers are not just animals, they’re also parenting styles. And no matter how different these styles of upbringing are, all parents have a lot in common. We learn to go without sleep for days, to eat while taking shower, and to get to know the monster under the bed. And we have a wonderful opportunity to see ourselves in these pictures, that make us think, “It’s so true!”

We at Bright Side found illustrations that are relatable to all parents. They are filled with humor and make us laugh and feel how happy we are to have our kids.

1. Kids can even melt a heart of stone.

2. Sometimes we don’t know what to do with them.

3. But they train us and make us stronger.

4. Children help us to maintain our diets.

5. They are our carbon copies.

6. Even if sometimes we don’t look like ourselves.

7. There’s never a dull moment with kids.

8. And they are masters of surprise.

9. We might look like we’ve survived a battle when they’re done with us.

10. It can be hard to understand a kid’s logic…

11. …and figure out what they want.

12. We can’t always make a choice.

13. And sometimes they can drive us crazy.

14. But we still try our best to take care of them.

15. And we forget all of our difficulties when we look at these sweeties.

Which other funny situations of parenthood can you describe? How much do these illustrations show your experience as a parent? We would like to hear your stories in the comments.

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