11 Celebrities Who Have Different Colored Eyes

Many celebrities often confess that, behind the lights, the applause, the cameras, and the make-up, what remains is just an ordinary person. It’s true: they are human beings, just like the rest of us. However, there are cases in which they possess certain peculiarities that make them unique, and we are not referring to talent or a higher IQ.

Bright Side wants to share with you a list of celebrities who possess a characteristic that they only share with 1% of the population: they have different colored eyes.


Heterochromia is an anomaly that only 1% of the world has. Although it can also occur in the hair or skin, it most commonly appears in the eyes. In that case, each iris is a different color. There is total heterochromia (each eye is a different color) or partial heterochromia, which is when part of the iris is a different shade from the rest in both eyes.

The causes are varied and this can occur from birth or be acquired later. It is more common in cats than in humans, and it also occurs in dogs and other mammals.

Of course, it also appears in celebrities. There are cases that are better known or more visible than others, and that’s why we investigated and put together a list with some celebrities that have this strange condition.

1. Jane Seymour

With an extensive career in both film and television, Jane Seymour became known worldwide by starring in the series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, which she won a Golden Globe for in the category of “Best Actress” in a drama series in 1996.

In her case, as can be seen in the photo, she only has partial heterochromia.

2. Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd is a Canadian actor who has also worked as a screenwriter and singer. Although his career is far-reaching, 2 milestones stand out. The first is his participation with John Belushi in the musical comedy duo The Blues Brothers, which is also the title of the film they both starred in that became a cult movie. The second was his participation as the main character and author of the script of Ghostbusters, an iconic film from the 80s.

Although it’s not very visible, since Dan’s eyes are very small, it can be seen that one of them is brown, and the other is green.

3. David Bowie

David Bowie was a composer, singer and occasional actor. Born in England, he became one of the most innovative figures in the world of rock. Throughout his career, he used different names that also involved changes in his appearance and style of music. Among others he used Starman, Ziggy Stardust, and Blackstar, to name a few.

In his case, the difference in his eyes was due to an injury that left the pupil of his left eye permanently dilated.

4. Mila Kunis

In the case of Mila Kunis, the actress from That ’70s Show, you have to work a little harder to notice the difference in the color in her eyes. Beyond the fact that she has an enviable gaze, Mila suffered from a chronic infection in one of her irises, which led her to lose almost all of the vision in that eye as a child. After undergoing surgery, the problem was fixed, and her eye, beyond being a little clearer than the other, regained its vision.

5. Elizabeth Berkley

6. Josh Henderson

Josh Henderson has become known primarily for his roles in Desperate Housewives and the teen drama 90210. He has total heterochromia, although, since the contrast of colors between both eyes is subtle, it is not clearly noticeable at first glance.

7. Henry Cavill

8. Kate Bosworth

9. Tim McIlrath

Punk rock lovers know the band Rise Against very well. Its leader declared himself a straight edge individual and besides his intense charisma, he is known for taking a strong political commitment focused on the defense of human and animal rights. He has total heterochromia.

10. Sarah McDaniel

The case of model Sarah McDaniel differs from the previous ones because her total heterochromia was key to her becoming famous. The difference between her 2 eyes is so pronounced that it has attracted a lot of attention, to the point that her Instagram account currently has almost 1.5 million followers.

11. Dominic Sherwood

Although the Vampire Academy actor only has partial heterochromia, in many photos, the presence of the color brown in his left eye is so strong that many believe it is total heterochromia.

Do you know anyone who is part of this exclusive 1% of the population? Are there any famous people from your country who also have heterochromia? Please tell us about it and share your photos in the comments.

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