Very Good Dog Dad Creates Lending Library of Perfect Sticks for Local Dog Park

Dog dad Andrew Taylor had a dog park a few doors down and a wonderful stick-chasing dog named Bella – but no good free-range sticks were to be found at the Kaiapoi dog park in Kaiapoi, New Zealand. So Andrew did what any handy dad would do. He trimmed some trees in the yard and headed into his workshop to solve this pressing problem.

When some trees needed trimming on his property, Andrew saw his opportunity to give back to the local dog community. He carefully cut branches in a range of sizes, ensuring each one was gunk-free and splinter-free.

Andrew also made sure that each stick possessed that particular little bend to it that causes the stick to bounce erratically when thrown that dogs just can’t resist. We love his attention to this specific detail, especially.

Andrew placed his perfect sticks into a leftover shipping crate from his work, and wood burned a little sign declaring the “Stick Library” open to one and all, with the caveat that the sticks should be returned after use for the next dog to enjoy.

Andrew’s daughter Tayla caught her dad in the midst of his up-to-then secret mission of bringing joy to his local dog friends. She took a video of the process, bringing him worldwide fame for his fantastic idea and generosity of spirit.

Thanks for making the world a better place for dogs, Andrew! We love your spirit.

Check out Andrew’s radio interview

Hat Tip: Laughing Squid

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