These Are the Top 10 Most Popular Cat and Dog Stories of 2019

Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, you were our kind of person on the Rover blog this year. Of the powerful stories starring cats and dogs in 2019, these ten were the most-read of the year.

Pets bring humor, joy, challenges, and more joy to our lives, along with a fair bit of curiosity. (Is my cat unhappy? Does my dog love me?) We laughed and cried along with dogs, cats, and their people through these popular stories and learned answers to top pet questions, too. Here are our readers’ favorite stories from 2019—in case you missed them the first time around.


Top Dog Stories of 2019

2019 had some standout moments for cats and dogs. Can you guess what the most-read post was for the year?

Not sure what your cat is trying to tell you? If you suspect your cat isn’t feeling like their normal happy self, here are some clues that can help you determine what’s going on with her.

If you’d rather have a dog curled up by your feet than on your lap, one of these more reserved breeds might be perfect for you.

It’s hard to resist sharing food with your dog, but while some human snacks are safe in small doses, these 9 foods can be downright dangerous for dogs.

A bearded collie named Tully brought down the house when his agility run at Crufts ended in a spectacular tumble with his handler.

Dogs measure their days in scent and can smell in stereo. Read on!

The striking coat pattern of a leopard may stand out in an urban setting, but it’s perfect camouflage in the wild.

The must-read story of a pair of lunch bandits.

The incredibly sweet story of Sir Charleston Chew is one for the ages.

Adorable gamboling puppies. Need we say more?

And the most popular post of 2019 is…

Are you ready?

That’s right! Our exclusive dog and cat name databases were your treasure troves of inspiration in 2019, and we can’t blame you. Names are such an important part of bringing a new pet into our lives, whether old or young. Plus, it’s just good wholesome fun to explore naming trends.


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