Heartwarming Dog Show Exclusively for Rescue Dogs Is Must-See TV

Set Your TiVos dog lovers, the third annual American Rescue Dog Show is just around the corner! On Sunday, February 16 and Monday, February 17, the Hallmark Channel will be airing what is quickly becoming America’s most-watched dog show.

The show is open to any rescued dog, whether mixed breed mutt or purebred poodle and the dogs compete to earn donations to their rescuing organization. How cool is that?


With categories ranging from ‘Best Couch Potato’ to ‘Best in Kissing,’ this exceptional two-night event truly has something for every dog lover.


The full list of categories includes:

  • Best Couch Potato
  • Best In Wiggle Butt
  • Best In Fetching
  • Best In Listening
  • Best In Snoring
  • Best In Senior Dog
  • Best In Special Needs
  • Best In Talking
  • Best In Underbite
  • Best In Kissing

Think your rescue dog has what it takes? You can sign her up right here for next year’s competition.

Last year’s winner Howard

Learn all about last year’s winner Howard here.


Good luck to all the competitors!

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